Period Property for Sale in Co. Tipperary

Grantstown Castle, Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary
A superb example of a renovated 16th Century Tower House

Grantstown Castle is a superb example of a renovated 16th Century Tower House, ascending 22 metres in height, located on a gently rising hill in the middle of the fertile Golden Vale in Co. Tipperary. The castle is surrounded by three solid, half-timbered cottages, built in medieval (or "Tudor") manner, using heavy beams, burnt bricks, lime plaster and antique roofing slates. All joints between the beams are executed in the traditional carpentry techniques. There is some final completion works to be undertaken by the incoming purchaser.

The castle is standing on about 2 acres of garden and meadow land surrounded by some mature, native trees. The meadows adjoin to an original, romantic limestone quarry from the 1500s to the east which also belongs to the property. This almost certainly supplied the stone to build the castle. An antique iron gate hinged on two delicate, hexagonally-shaped limestone pillars forms the road frontage to a quiet country road.

There are five floors and ten rooms altogether with a collective floor space of 216 square metres (2326 square feet). Every one of the 32 windows in the castle is unique, handmade and fully openable. Each consists of two oak frames with antique iron hinges and handles (some of them dating back to the early 1700s) and leaded stained glass with original 250-year-old baroque mouth-blown glass panes salvaged in years of work from disused historical German and Irish windows. The windows are a treasure on their own. The difficult, labour-intense, time-consuming and expensive activities have been finished. The tower is ready for the final electrical and pipe fitting (mains already inside), heating connection, bathroom and kitchen insertion just as a new owner fancies.

This extraordinary property is waiting for a sophisticated new owner with taste and a soft spot for a unique, romantic, medieval structure that could be a home or a second home. Someone who is dreaming of a real Irish castle embedded in one of the most historic regions in Ireland in the vicinity of the ancient Cashel of the Kings. A dignified and pleasant building. The new owner's biggest advantage is the freedom to decide in a creative manner about the final interior designs like for example paints, bathroom ceramics, fittings, brassware and kitchen appliances or ambient light.

In the southern direction there are views of the Galtee Mountains including the third-highest mountain in Ireland (919 metres) and the adjoining, romantic Glen of Aherlow. The wild Silvermine Mountains form the other side of the Golden Vale in the north. This is an area of great historical significance and there is a clear, distant view of the famous Rock of Cashel, seat of the Kings of Munster from the 4th century, in the eastern direction. Shannon Airport to the west is exactly 1 hour away by car, Cork Airport to the south is 1 hour and 10 minutes and Dublin Airport to the north-east is only 1 hour and 40 minutes. Today Grantstown Castle is the only inhabitable medieval Castle in a more than 25 kilometre radius.

Included in the sale is a complete set of drawings, plans and thousands of photographs taken during the restoration of the castle. The interested new owner awaits a detailed written historical survey hard to find in its complexity in connection with any other Irish Tower House. Grantstown Castle will surprise you. It is a must-see and will exceed your expectations.

Price: €535,000
Last update: 30th July 2014
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