MESH Architects

No. 69 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

MESH Architects is registered as an RIAI practice with Grade I Conservation Accreditation. We are a collaborative architecture practice based in Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1. The practice was cofounded in 2007 by Thomas McGimsey whom is the practice principal and MESH Architects currently employs four professionals graduates. Our skills also allows us to design new Contemporary Architecture.

The most exciting aspect of MESH Architects is the intimate collaboration between the skill sets of sensitive contemporary design and expert authority in conservation practice. We view our relationship with our clients as a collaborative one that enriches the design process and the buildings that result. MESH Architects collaborate with leading professionals and consultants in pursuit of excellence. Great buildings and public spaces are rarely the product of individual effort, but the result of singular vision with support from a strong team of collaborators.

MESH Architects have a network of people and organisations with whom they work, in order to meet the client’s highest aspirations for their project. We enjoy working with enlightened clients. We listen to our clients’ needs and help them to articulate a vision. We emphasise craftsmanship, and the use of sustainable materials. We have a concern for the total environment, including landscaping and interiors. Each building we create is as unique as the site it occupies.