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Cube Building, Monahan Road, Cork, T12 H1XY

In our damp Irish climate, dampness is a pervasive problem in our older buildings. Dampness is generally caused by a buildup of excess moisture within a structure which can arise from both external and internal sources.

Rising damp is caused by groundwater rising through the wall masonry by capillary action and is most commonly caused by the absence or failure of original damp proof courses. However, rising damp is widely misdiagnosed in existing buildings, based on the incorrect interpretation of visual evidence and the readings of moisture meters.

Penetrating damp is caused when moisture enters a building due to a building defect or the use of inappropriate materials.

Condensation is not only associated with new buildings but also affects historic buildings also. This is caused when internal moisture cannot escape and therefore condenses on cold surfaces.

We always urge our clients to engage the services of a specialist surveyor with the relevant experience with historic buildings before carrying out any remedial work. PJ Barrett & Co. promote the use of traditional methods of moisture control along with new materials and techniques which can often be used to advantage.

Our fully trained and insured specialist operatives work to the highest standards and operate strictly under the direct guidance and supervision of our own surveyors. Our contract work is carried out with the best professional practice, and a ‘Confirmation of Treatment’ Certificate is issued on completion of all specialist works.