Architectural Conservation Professionals

Architectural Conservation Professionals, Ireland & Singapore

ACP is a multidisciplinary, award winning, Built Heritage Consultancy with extensive experience in the conservation and management of historic structures. We consider Conservation Architecture & Design to be the route through which Ireland’s rich historic buildings are blended harmoniously with modern life. We believe that historic structures should be highly valued and any design intervention should be sensitively considered in a way that utilizes their functionality to the full and respects their history.

MESH Architects

MESH Architects, No. 69 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Mesh Architects are a collaborative architecture practice co founded in 2007 by Thomas McGimsey, the practice principal. The most exciting aspect of Mesh Architects is the intimate collaboration between the skill sets of sensitive contemporary design and expert authority in conservation practice. We view our relationships with our clients as a collaborative one that enriches the design process and the buildings that result. Mesh Architects collaborate with leading professionals and consultants in pursuit of excellence.