Self-Catering Accommodation at Galley Head Lightkeeper’s House 2

Self-Catering Accommodation at Galley Head Lightkeeper’s House 2, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

Galley Head Lightkeeper’s House 2
Co. Cork

Two bedroom house with breathtaking views overlooking St George’s Channel.

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A belt of light crossed the landscape in a giant arc, washing brightness over the road… We saw her, Galley Head, her huge burning bulbs in the distance guiding us home.
Belinda McKeon, Irish Times Magazine
A most perfect place and space for resting the body and mind. Couldn’t think of anywhere finer to spend a week’s holidays.
Mairéad, Co. Galway
Our first visit to an Irish Landmark property but I daresay won’t be our last. In an era awash with mediocrity it’s refreshing to walk into a property so carefully and considerably restored. We loved our time here.
Robert, Co. Cavan

Galley Head Lightkeepers’ Houses are perched on dramatic cliffs at about 130 feet above sea level overlooking St George’s Channel. The houses, in their elevated setting, make an ideal location for relaxing and getting away from it all. The views from every angle are awe inspiring and breathtaking.